Jazznu.com review

Jazznu.com just posted this stellar review of my record with Joost van Schaik & Tobias Nijboer..! (Dutch)

Greece Tour

Just got back from a little trip to Greece and The Netherlands. Had a blast performing and teaching.. for those of you who speak Greek, here is a review of one of the concerts we did in Athens; link I’ll be back in The Netherlands from July 15th until mid-August. Until then I’ve a few exciting gigs coming up in …

Elferink Guitars

Two weeks ago I was in the studio to record a few songs of solo guitar to promote guitars build by one of Europe’s best luthiers; Elferink. You can listen to two clips on youtube, each on a different guitar.. for more info on these beautiful handcrafted archtops check out http://www.elferinkguitars.com .