October 26, 2015


12049107_1196173517075823_6535892326240651154_nI spend a lot of time in the studio this month. This picture is from a recording session with Simon Keats (The Kik) at Shelter Island Recording Studio. I also produced a record for Rose Ellis at The Samurai Hotel Studio and I’m preparing to record some brand new material myself soon!

August 31, 2015

Blue Note NYC

Looking forward to be back at Blue Note Jazz Club this weekend with the Steve Picataggio Quartet.

Click here for more information.

June 23, 2015


Just got back from a little trip to Greece and The Netherlands. Had a blast performing and teaching.. for those of you who speak Greek, here is a review of one of the concerts we did in Athens; link

I’ll be back in The Netherlands from July 15th until mid-August. Until then I’ve a few exciting gigs coming up in NYC !

Hope to see you soon,

January 30, 2015

Elferink Guitars

Two weeks ago I was in the studio to record a few songs of solo guitar to promote guitars build by one of Europe’s best luthiers; Elferink. You can listen to two clips on youtube, each on a different guitar.. for more info on these beautiful handcrafted archtops check out http://www.elferinkguitars.com .

December 14, 2014

Christmas And Upcoming Dates

Time flies..! Christmas is around the corner and I’m leaving for a little trip to Europe in less than two weeks.. i have some fun gigs lined up while i’m there.. Check out the poster, hope to see some of you!

foto 3

December 1, 2014

CD Hotlist

My Cd is featured on Rick Anderson’s CD Hotlist for December…!

“a beautifully multicolored palette of sounds and very nicely balancing tonal and harmonic sweetness with creative exploration. Highly recommended.”


And another nice review from Draai Om je Oren, “the jazz tradition is in good hands with Daan Kleijn” ..!



If you haven’t got a copy yet, it’s available on iTunes, Amazon from me personally and, yes….Spotify!

September 21, 2014

Concert w/t NNO

…And a few pictures of the concert with The North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra (NNO), so happy i got the opportunity to play with this amazing orchestra!

Pictures by koosboertjens.nl & JAV Studio’s Assen
Daan Kleijn Noord Nederlands Orkest Daan Kleijn NNO Noord Nederlands Orkest Daan Kleijn NNO Daan Kleijn Noord Nederlands Orkest 1